Monday, March 5, 2018

An Unseelie Understanding: A Reverse Harem Erotic Novel

Riley doesn't believe in miracles or magic, so when a man approaches her in the hospital, claiming to be a fairy king who can cure her sister's cancer, she doesn't believe him either. But she has nothing to lose, so she forms an Understanding with the Unseelie King; her sister's life in exchange for her servitude. When her sister is cured, and the King comes to claim her as his new sex slave, Riley is thrust into a sensual world where magic is a part of everything and rapture is only a touch away. But things are not as they appear, and as she navigates the desire-filled and deadly world of the Fey, Riley must also untangle the mystery that is her new master.

An Unseelie Understanding: an RH Erotica is now available on Amazon! Get your copy here:



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