Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Symphony of Sirens, Book 2 in the Spellsinger Series by Amy Sumida

Get your copy of A Symphony of Sirens here: A Symphony of Sirens

A Symphony of Sirens is a musically oriented fantasy romance. You can listen to the songs referenced in the book, in order of their appearance, on Spotify for free here: A Symphony of Sirens Playlist

To sing with your heart you must first learn to listen.

Sirens are some of the most dangerous denizens of the Beneath. So when they start going missing, it's assumed that a supremely powerful being is behind the disappearances. But who and why? As Elaria struggles to find answers to the siren situation, even more questions arise. Questions like: what kind of magic did the witch relic leave within her? And: what should she do about the three men who have become so important to her? One is her past, one: her present, and the third wants nothing more than to be her future. Can she find the solution in time to save her family? Or will love turn her symphony sour?

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