Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Last Lullaby, Book 1 in the Spellsinger Series by Amy Sumida

The Last Lullaby by Amy Sumida
Dive into the Beneath, a world of supernatural races living in secret amongst us!
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The Last Lullaby is a musically oriented story. You can listen to the songs referenced, in order of appearance, on Spotify for free here: The Last Lullaby Playlist

Beneath your world lies another, a world of magic, monsters, and immortals. I am the rarest of these; a spellsinger, able to weave music into magic. With the right words, and for the right price, I can do anything. Now a fairy duke has come to hire me, promising me a fortune in exchange for one man's life. But this man is a king, one of the most powerful Shining Ones in existence. I could kill him with a song or things could go horribly wrong. Hopefully, this job isn't my last lullaby.

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